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Wildflowers of Western Australia

Avon Valley

Western Australia map

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The Avon river flows down a valley past the historic towns of Beverly, York, Northam and Toodyay.

It then heads west, through the Avon Valley National Park, to the coastal plains of Perth where people start calling it the Swan River.

This beautiful valley was the first inland area of WA to be settled by white fellas.

Orange Immortelle Waitzia acuminata
Orange Immortelle
Blue Leschenaultia Lechenaultia biloba

A blessing of nature so abundant that when confronted by the limitless extent of

Blue Leschenaultia
Lechenaultia biloba

blending into the clear blue sky, the vision manipulates your senses.

Pincushion Coneflower Isopogon dubius
Pincushion Coneflower
White Cottonhead Conostylis setosa
White Cottonhead
Pink Everlasting Helipterum roseum

Stunning to the eye are the never-ending fields of

Pink Everlastings
Helipterum roseum

"abundant across W.A."

Wedge-Leaved Dryandra Banksia obovata
Wedge-Leaved Dryandra
Red Ink Sundew Drosera erythrorhiza
Mucilaginous Carnivorous

To suppliment their nutrition, sticky glands on the

Red Ink Sundew
Drosera erythrorhiza

trap and dissolve insects into the plant using enzymes and bacterial action.

The early settlers used dye from some species as ink.

Smokebush Conospermum
Karri Hazel

Karri Hazel, also known as soapbush, contains saponin which forms a soapy lather when the leaves are mixed with water and rubbed vigorously.

Winged-stem Dampiera Dampiera alata
Winged-stem Dampiera
Scented Sun Orchids Thelymitra macrophylla
Scented Sun Orchids