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Rottnest Island - Western Australia


This enchanting holiday island is more than Beaches, Boating, Beer and Barbecues.


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Rottnest Island Convict Built

Historically, Rottnest Island has been used as:

1838 - an aboriginal prison for 70 years
1846 - a pilot base to guide ships for 57 years
1848 - the governors summer home for 65 years
1881 - a boys reformatory for 20 years
1902 - classed 'recreational use' forever
1915 - an internment and prisoner of war camp
1917 - classed 'A-Class Reserve' forever
1940 - an army camp during the war for 5 years

Coastal Colours Coastal Colours
Snorkelling Cool
Rottnest Lighthouse Bathurst Lighthouse

Notorious Rottnest reefs.

Eight shipwrecks after the first lighthouse was built, it was obvious another was needed.

A storm in the winter of 1899 claimed two more ships and 36 lives, so the decision was made.

In 1900, Bathurst Lighthouse was built and lit.

Explore Explore
Rottnest Villas Rottnest Villas
Quokka Quokka

These tasty, timid creatures were called 'Quak-a' by the aborigines who hunted them.

Abundant in the south west of WA before dingoes, cats and foxes arrived.

Now they are only found on a few small islands that formed about 6500 years ago when the sea levels rose.

Lakes Wait For Us
Rottnest Bikes Cruising
Quokka napping Large Rat

Over 300 years ago, on the largest island, Dutch explorers saw it was infested with rats and named it Rottenest Island.

These gregarious marsupials are like kangaroos and wallabies - the females suckle their young in a pouch. They are herbivorous, nocturnal, can climb trees and survive without fresh water.

Now called Quokkas, the current population on Rottnest is about 10 000.

Rottnest Basin The Basin
Sand Ripples

Rottnest Island

Osprey Nest Osprey Nest

Ospreys are spectacular hunters with sharp curved talons built for fishing.
Also called Fish Hawks.

There are several nests around the island, all protected by the small limestone stacks.

Eggs in August, chicks in October and flying by December.

Rottnest settlement Morning Barby
Nautical Beach Nautical
Pelican Yawn

As you step ashore all your troubles and worries disappear.

Grab a bike, head in any direction and find one of the 63 beaches to snorkle, swim or just relax.

Try the hop-on-hop-off bus service or a guided tour or wander around exploring the early colonial buildings and maybe spot a quokka or two.

Finish the day with a coldie in the Quokka Arms beach-side beer garden.

Sandhill Goodonya Dad
Seals Seals
Lighthouse Keeper

After more than 100 years, both the lighthouse and keepers cottage are still in daily use.

Rottnest Reef Morning Tide
Prism Lights Beacon
Rottnest Gun The Gatekeeper

Oliver Hill, in the centre of Rottnest, contained a battery of two 9.2 inch guns to protect Fremantle Harbour on the mainland.

During World War II these weapons were manned 24/7 by 100 soldiers each shift.
It took five men to fire the shells, at a rate of 3/minute, to a distance of 28 kms. Kabooom!

Today it is an underground military museum with guided tours.

Gulls Gulls
Salmon Bay Salmon Bay

Rottnest swimming