Gday from WA

A photographic tour of Western Australia

Western Australia map

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Perth Airport Perth Airport
Mars & Moon & Venus Mars & Moon & Venus

"Living life in the fast lane"

This friendly, solitary marsupial omnivore has a backwards-facing pouch that prevents it being filled with dirt when digging for food.

Amazingly, they are weaned at 2 months, can breed at 3 months and after a short 12 day gestation period can produce up to 5 young per litter.

Woodbridge Poison Woodbridge
Gold Mining - Kalgoorlie Gold Mining
Hamelin Bay - Salmon Fishing Hamelin Bay

Commercial fishing from the beach near Hamelin Bay for

Arripis truttaceus

"you call this working!?"

Lesmurdie Falls Lesmurdie Falls
Rural Warning Warning
Canning Stock Route - Wiluna Desert Warning


is one of the most remote and isolated 4WD tracks in the world and travellers should be extremely well prepared before undertaking this 1900 km trek thru the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts.

Pink Enamel Orchid Pink Enamel Orchids
Busselton Beach Busselton
Bush Sunset Bush Sunset
Claypans Claypans
Rabbit Proof Fence State Barrier Fence

In 1859, wild English rabbits were released on a property near Victoria and were soon spreading across Australia at a speed of up to 100 kilometres per year in plague proportions.

By 1894, they crossed the Nullarbor Plain to the WA border and a decision was made to protect agriculture in the west.

Still in use today but mainly as an emu barrier.

Wedge-tailed Eagle Wedge-tailed Eagle
Wave Rock - Hyden Wave Rock

Old Jetty Esperance