Gday from WA

A photographic tour of Western Australia

Western Australia map

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Forest - WA Forest Drive
Galahs Galahs
Bibbulmun Track Hewitt's Hill


Follow Waugal, the Rainbow Serpent of the Bibbulmun Aborigines, on a 1000 km walking track through some of the most stunning scenery in the south-west of Western Australia.

48 isolated campsites with shelter, water, toilet and table.

Grass tree Grass tree
Bibbulmun Track Bibbulmun Track
Woodlands Woodlands
Fun in the sun Fun in the Sun
Jewel Beetle - Stigmodera gratiosa Jewel Beetles

This metallic green


is called Stigmodera gratiosa and the small gold one is Castiarina crocicolor.

Both native to W.A.

Thelymitra macrophylla Scented Sun Orchids
Gold minesite Goldmine
Albany - Western Australia Albany

Modern Albany was founded in 1826 by white fellas, 3 years before the capital of Perth.
Initially a colony for convicts, then a coaling station for steamers and a deepwater whaling port.

For many millennia it was called Kinjarling by the local Aborigines, meaning "place of rain"

Bones Bones
Nudist Where?
Stirling Ranges Stirling Ranges

With three peaks just over 1000m, the Stirling Range National Park is perfect for mountain walking, rock climbers, photographers, bird watchers and scenic drives.

64km long, 18km wide and more flowering plants than the entire British Isles!

Yalgoo Woop Woop
Cave Cave

Stirling Range