Gday from WA

A photographic tour of Western Australia

Western Australia map

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Perth Perth

The unique beauty of Western Australia can be discovered anywhere you look, from the harshness of huge inland deserts containing ancient landscapes to the scenic splendor of unspoiled beaches along 12500 kms of coastline.

So come walkabout on a guided tour of W.A. and see why it's called "The Golden State"

Indiana Tea House Indiana Tea House
Native Budgies and a Galah Budgies and Galah

Large flocks of green and yellow


are common in central Western Australia.
Not to be left out, a


decided to join in the fun.

Great Ocean Drive - Esperance Great Ocean Drive
Morning Iris Morning Iris
Matilda Bay - Swan River Matilda Bay

Nestling below Kings Park
"the largest city park in the world" is


16 kms up the Swan River, in the centre of Perth, surrounded by two million people.

Monkey Mia Dolphin Puck
Pinnacles Pinnacles

Erupting out of the sand in slow motion,


are eerie and fascinating.

Shells, plants and nature created 1000's of these limestone tombstones 250 kms north of Perth in Namburg National Park.

Curious Joe Curious Joe
Bathurst Lighthouse - Rottnest Bathurst Lighthouse
Solid Gold Solid Gold

Due to its rarity and beauty, a gold nugget is considered a gemstone and can be worth more than the value of the gold it contains.


Western Australia's goldrush started at Halls Creek in 1886 and after discoveries at Coolgardie in 1892 and Kalgoorlie in 1893, the states population doubled within two years.

Tankard Jetty - Esperance The Old Jetty
Monitor Lizard Monitor Lizard

The Numbat is Western Australia’s animal emblem and one of two Australian marsupials that are strictly diurnal (active during the day).

Numbats eat an exclusive diet of up to 20,000 termites each day.

Flower Bird


This friendly, solitary marsupial omnivore has a backwards-facing pouch that prevents it being filled with dirt when digging.