Gday from WA

A photographic tour of Western Australia

Western Australia map

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Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?

The state of Western Australia is HUGE!

With an area of more than 2 500 000 km2, it occupies a third of the Australian continent.

2 400 kms north to south and 12 500 kms of coastline.

"Three and a half times bigger than Texas!"

Fire Sky Fire Sky
Pink Starflowers Pink Starflowers
Waxing Gibbous Waxing Gibbous

The moon rotates on its axis in the same time it takes to orbit the Earth, 27.3 days.

That's why we always see the same face of the moon.

New Moon to new Moon is about 29.5 days (lunar month) because the Earth-Moon system is orbiting the Sun.

Bush Flood Bush Flood
Crowned Snake Crowned Snake
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse - Augusta Cape Leeuwin

On the most south-westerly tip of Australia


where the Indian and Southern Ocean meet.
Built of local limestone and 186 steps high.

"Protecting mariners since 1895"

Karijini Gorge Karijini Gorge
Bushfire Bushfire
Geraldton Lighthouse Point Moore
White Fairy - Caladenia marginata White Fairy Orchids
Motorbike Frog Motorbike Frog

Litoria moorei

This common frog sounds like a motorbike changing gears. Really cool.

Also called a Golden Bell Frog because it turns green and gold after basking in sunlight.

Hooting Frog Hooting Frog

Heleioporus barycragus

The call is a low pitched owl-like 'hoot' repeated frequently.

This large charismatic species can be encountered in the Perth Hills.

Central Heating Central Heating
Jewel Beetle Jewel Beetle
Karijini Karijini
Orion Constellation and Sirius Orion & Sirius

Cottesloe Beach