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Reptiles in Western Australia

Western Australia map

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Gecko Gert

Australia has been called "The Land of the Lizards"

Aborigines can judge the health of the country by observing the amount of lizards it contains.

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Bicycle Dragon Ctenophorus caudicintus
Ring-tailed Bicycle Dragon
Monitor Lizard Monitor

When threatened, these slow and gentle

Stumpy-tailed BLUE TONGUE skinks

frighten off predators such as Eagles, Kookaburras and Snakes by hissing and opening its mouth widely.
A bite may hurt but it's not poisonous.

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Bluey Bluey

Some blue tongues are more aggresive than others. Yikes

Found in many WA backyards.

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Monitor Monitor Lizard
Perentie Perentie
Thorny Devil - Moloch Moloch horridus
Thorny Devil

These harmless, gentle, slow-moving creatures are a delight to find in the bush.

If lucky, you will see its unusual gait of freeze-frame, leg-lifting and rocking or watch it lick up a huge meal of ants.

This little desert devil can change colour to blend with the background and has grooves down its back that channels rain into the mouth.

Image courtesy of Gail from Dongara.

Egernia napoleanis

Soaking up the sun's blood-warming energy.

More skink pics Skinks Skink

Crowned Snake Crowned Snake
Lizard Spot the Dragon
Bearded Dragon Beardie

Pogona minor

A lovable personality and calm nature have made this native of Western Australia an extremely popular pet throughout the world.

Beardies subsist on vegetable matter and insects and can live up tp 10 years in captivity.

Monitor Monitor
Gecko Gecko
Bungarra Bungarra

Highly valued by the Aborigines as a delicious source of protein.


When frightened these powerful. burrowing, egg laying, fork-tongued Monitor Lizards will run and climb the nearest tree (or human).
"Australia's largest lizard"

Big Lizard "mouse-over" the image.
Long-Nosed Dragon Long-Nosed Dragon
Gwardar - Western Brown Snake Gwardar

Western Brown Snake or Gwardar

A dangerously venomous snake whch can be very fast and aggrressive when threatened or disturbed. It is capable of injecting a large dose of highly toxic venom.

In the last 30 years, the Gwardar is responsible for six of the last ten snakebite deaths in Western Australia.

But, in comparison, the common honeybee causes an average of ten deaths per year in Australia.

Carpet Python Carpet Python

South-western Carpet Python - Morelia spilota imbricata

A large non-venomous snake found in southern regions of Western Australia. Pythons kills small mammals and birds by constriction until they suffocate.

So named because their colouring resembles the patterns of old fashioned carpets.

Legless Lizard
Legless Lizard - stripes run lengthwise. A snake's goes across.

South-western Carpet Python Python

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King's Skink
King's Skink