Gday from WA
Baloons 3 Balloons Step right up

Background/Wallpaper for your Desktop

Images of Western Australia

"Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen and grab one while they last.
One size fits all screens. 100's of images to choose from."

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Search the galleries for an image you like.

Click on it for a BIG pic.

Right click the image and choose "Set as Desktop Background"


If your new desktop image looks too large or distorted (stretched or tiled), it may not be centred.

To remedy this, right-click on your desktop and choose Properties or Personalize, then choose Desktop.

Now you can change picture position and background colour.


Desktop Background instructions for :-

windows Windows 10 - Click to View

Mac Apple Mac - Click to View

"You must choose Center for maximum visual pleasure.
A splendiferous delicacy for your personal gratification"


"Don't miss this golden opportunity Ladies and Gentlemen
Step right up..."