Gday from WA

A photographic tour of Western Australia

Western Australia map

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Bush Golf Bush Golf
Natures Window - Kalbarri Natures Window
Goldfields Water Pipeline Misty

The long white snake in the background is the 560 km "Perth to Kalgoorlie Water Pipeline".

Designed by brilliant engineer C.Y. O'Connor who, due to fierce media cynicism, ended his life just weeks before successful pumping trials in 1902. Supplying water to 100,000 people and 6 million sheep.

Farm Farm
Swimming Hole - Wiluna North Pool
Lake Ballard - Menzies Lake Ballard

LAKE BALLARD, a windswept desolate salt lake in the remote Northern Goldfields near the town of Menzies, is the location of the famous Anthony Gormley sculptures.

51 life-sized statues spread over 7 sq km2 of salt.

Miles 'n' Miles Miles 'n' Miles
Queen of Sheba Orchid Queen of Sheba
Outback Dunny Outback Dunny

When my number 2's are runny

I hate our outback dunny.

Nights are a pain

as well as the rain,

don't laugh it ain't very funny.

Wildflowers Wildflowers
The Bush The Bush
Perth Beach Beach
Forest Forest
Bearded Dragon Beardie

a friendly mob

If an aussie comes your way

you'll get a nod, and a polite "g'day"

but if there's mozzies or flies

around their face and their eyes,

you'll get an 'aussie salute', I'd say.

Grass Trees Grass Trees
Rabbit Orchid Rabbit Orchid
Land The Land
Cyclops Rover Rover 75

Stirling Range